Nero Video 2016 Review

Latest Nero Video 2016 Review.

Ever felt the need to spice up your videos with professional-grade visual effects? Do you want to combine multiple video and audio tracks into a single file? Or do you want to author videos for playback on DVD and Blu-ray-compatible devices? Nero Video 2016 takes care of all these issues in an instant. With its super intuitive user interface, you can capture content from various devices connected to your PC, add various special effects to imported videos, and export edited items to alternate file formats.


With Nero Video 2016, you can start editing immediately by either dragging files into the Home screen, or by using the many options listed within to determine exactly what you want to do – import files, open previous projects, create discs, etc. Once you are ready to start editing, Nero Video 2016 takes you to its video editing panel. With an interactive timeline to better manage all media tracks and visual effects, and a dedicated preview pane that lets you check out all your video edits in real-time, you can make short work of your all your editing requirements.

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Nero Video 2016 features a range of options that you can use to import files in for editing. You can import entire AVCHD video structures from cameras and optical discs, add videos stored in various file containers — MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, etc. — on local storage devices, or capture content directly from cameras and TVs provided that you have the appropriate capture hardware installed. All imported content gets automatically copied to a specially designated folder on your system for faster editing and backup purposes. When importing content from rewritable optical media, you can choose to either save all changes made to the hard drive or directly to the disc itself.


Nero Video 2016 provides an unprecedented level of support when it comes to editing videos. With two separate editing modes — Express and Advanced — you can choose to work with videos regardless of any prior editing experience. In Express mode, the Nero Video 2016 editing panel switches to a simpler interface, where you can perform minor tasks such as splicing together videos, inserting video/audio effects to entire videos clips, adding transitions between videos, overlaying clips with text, etc.

In Advanced mode, however, the editing panel takes on a more serious tone. In addition to doing all the things that you normally do in Express mode, you now have to ability to cut and trim videos, insert special effects into select parts within clips, fit music to picture frames, etc. With the added presence of a slider on the timeline, you can conveniently pinpoint exactly where you want cut video clips and insert special effects to. You also have the option to manage multiple video and audio tracks, where you can either combine multiple tracks or remove those that you deem as unnecessary.

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Once you finish editing a video, you can proceed with exporting your completed project. Regardless of whatever format that you import your videos in, you can export them to any other format that you want. Nero Video 2016 features a large amount of supported file formats that you can export to — WMV, MP4, AVI, AVCHD, AVC Ultra HD 4K, etc., where you can choose to manually decide on the resolution, frame-rate, and bit-rate that you want the application to use. For example, you can choose to upscale a sub-definition video to high-definition resolutions to increase visual quality, or downscale HD content to SD formats to cut down on file size.


Nero Video 2016 doubles up as the perfect authoring tool for all you DVD and Blu-ray playback requirements. While exporting, you can choose to burn your videos directly to DVDs and Blu-ray discs, where you can manually add intro video clips, create chapter points, and insert interactive menus. The application features a large amount of menu templates, where you can further customize them by manually tweaking backgrounds, animations, audio effects, thumbnails, and interactions.

Nero MediaHome

When purchasing Nero Video 2016, you also receive Nero MediaHome, a complimentary application that lets you manage all your multimedia content in one place. In addition to indexing all of your photos, videos, and music, Nero MediaHome also doubles up as a media player and photo editor. The application also supports streaming content to smart TVs and Ultra HD TVs via a mobile app — the Nero Streaming Player app for Android and iOS.

Should I Buy It?

Thanks to Nero Video 2016’s super-intuitive user interface, editing videos has never been easier. With the ability to import almost any type of file format and export them to nearly any other format, Nero Video 2016 removes all those compatibility issues that plague devices. With multiple editing modes — Express and Advanced — suitable for both new and advanced users, numerous disc-burning options, and a large library of authoring tools, Nero Video 2016 provides incredible value for money.