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Nero Video, the result of German-based developer Nero AG’s foray into the video editing field, provides you with an unprecedented level of video editing capabilities. Whether it’s authoring videos for playback on DVDs and Blu-ray discs, adding visual and audio effects to imported videos, or converting videos to various formats, Nero Video’s vast technical prowess makes performing your favorite video-editing tasks a breeze. The latest version, Nero Video 2017, brings in various optimizations and additions to the table.


At a glance, Nero Video 2017’s simple and intuitive user interface displays all available aspects that the application has on offer. You can either simply drag the videos that you want to edit or burn into the Nero Video 2017 window, or use the many options under Capture & Import, Edit & Export File, and Create Disc to specify the exact task that you want to perform. Also included are a couple of drop-down menus — Tools and Options — that let you customize the various aspects of the application.


Importing Videos

When it comes to importing video files for editing, Nero Video 2017 provides you with an array of options, where you can import high-definition AVCHD and AVC UHD (4K) video files directly from cameras and optical discs, or standard file formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, and MKV from local storage devices. Imported items from cameras and optical discs are saved to a special directory on your hard disk or solid state drive to allow for faster editing; if you have video files stored on rewritable DVDs, you can opt to save changes directly to disc. Nero Video 2017 also allows you to capture content for editing directly from cameras and TVs, provided that your computer’s equipped with an appropriate capture device.

Editing Videos

Nero Video 2017’s video editing screen features a preview window — the current version also features the ability to project the preview screen onto a secondary monitor — where you get to view your imported videos, a My Media panel where you can import additional audio, video, and image files for use in your projects, and a timeline that lets you manage the various components that make up your editing session; audio tracks, video tracks, master effects, etc.

Also included is a separate Effect Palette panel where you have access to video effects, audio effects, text fonts, transitions, and backgrounds. Old Film, Black & White, Fast Motion, Slow motion, Distortion, Motion Blur, Dissolve, Slide and Zoom are just a few among the numerous effects that Nero Video 2017 has on offer; the current version features a new addition in the form of Video Stabilization, which allows you to stabilize older movies with jerky video frames for easier editing.

You also get to switch the editing screen between two modes, namely Express and Advanced, where the former lets you perform simple editing tasks, such as cutting, cropping, and splicing videos, while the latter lets you perform most of the advanced editing tasks that the application has on offer, such as adding multiple audio and video tracks, snapping music to videos using markers, inserting visual effects, etc.

Exporting Videos

Regardless of the original format of your edited videos, Nero Video 2017 lets you export them to various different files formats. Whether it’s converting a sub-definition AVI video clip to a high-definition media format such as MP4, and vice versa, Nero Video 2017 lets you do it. You can make use of this feature to convert almost any video file format to compatible DVD and Blu-ray video formats; VOB, M2TS, etc. Rather than exporting files to your local storage device, you can also opt to send the files to connected cameras or share them via email. If you feel that your video’s not yet ready for exporting, Nero Video 2017 lets you save the project so that you can continue working on it later.

Burning DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

When it comes to burning your videos to DVDs and Blu-ray discs, Nero Video 2017 provides you with a range of authoring tools, where you can add intro videos, create interactive user menus out of highly customizable templates, insert automatic or manual chapter points, etc. You can either add your videos in DVD and Blu-ray compliant formats, or let Nero Video 2017 perform the required transcoding automatically while burning the items to disc. The application also lets you download additional free content in the form of additional menu themes, background audio and video samples, artwork, etc.


Nero Video 2017 is available in standalone format or as part of Nero’s Platinum and Classic multimedia suites. While the standalone and Platinum versions have the same features, the Classic version of Nero Video 2017 doesn’t include support for burning or converting ultra-high definition 4K videos. The standalone version also includes a free license to Nero MediaHome, an application that serves as a centralized hub for all types of multimedia content, where you can play videos and music, view photographs, and stream content to other devices.

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