Nero TuneItUp PRO Review

Latest Nero TuneItUp PRO Review.

In addition to its media management and disc burning solutions, German-based software developer Nero AG also releases a PC management utility called Nero TuneItUp PRO. With its intuitive user interface, you can perform a variety of PC management tasks that can result in a much faster system. Whether it’s cleaning out unnecessary files to free up hard drive space, managing startup applications to speed up boot times, updating drivers and programs to improve system functionality, or saving power and energy on your laptop, Nero TuneItUp PRO helps you get your slow and laggy PC up and running smoothly in no time.

Application Layout

Nero TuneItUp PRO’s intuitive user interface puts you into the task of optimizing your PC instantly. From its Home screen, you can instantly check out all aspects of your PC for issues — the application separates available features into two separate sections labeled Basic and PRO. Additional information listed within the Home screen lets you see relevant information about your PC’s hardware — processor, system memory, graphics card, motherboard, system temperature, and OS workload.

nero tuneitup pro review

Cleaning Unwanted Files

With Nero TuneItUp PRO, you can instantly remove all those “junk files” — temporary files, crash logs, application data, update downloads, etc. — that clog up your system to free up valuable storage space. The application automatically scans your PC for unnecessary files, where you can get rid of all detected items instantly or manually specify exactly what to remove. An additional feature called the Multimedia Data Manager lets you find even more unwanted files by scanning your computer for duplicate videos, pictures, and music files.

Removing Browsing History

Regularly removing the browser cache helps in creating a smoother browsing experience by resolving the various anomalies that are usually associated with outdated Web content. While you can do this via your Web browser’s configurations panel, Nero TuneItUp make things easier by also featuring the option to remove outdated Web content on all Web browsers installed on your computer — Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. — where you can either remove all data at once or only items that you don’t want — cookies, download history, form data, etc.

Fixing System Registry

Nero TuneItUp PRO features a registry cleaning functionality that fixes your computer’s system registry and ensures the stability of your PC. By scanning the system, the application has the ability to detect various invalid registry keys — uninstall entries, installer files, file type associations, etc. — and remove them instantly. Nero TuneItUp PRO also prevents registry issues from happening in the first place by giving you access to its own program removing functionality so that you can get rid of unwanted applications without leaving behind any broken registry entries.

Optimizing System Functionality

Nero TuneItUp PRO gives you the ability to determine exactly what gets loaded to system memory at computer startup. By disabling unwanted background applications, you can boost the startup speed of your PC and free up system memory for alternate tasks. In addition, the application also features the ability to turn off certain non-essential system processes from loading up as well, thereby creating a generally faster PC environment. Not just that, but Nero TuneItUp also lets you automatically modify your PC’s network configuration settings for a generally faster experience while online.

Power Management Profiles

If you are using a laptop or Windows tablet, you can save a whole lot of power and extend battery life via multiple pre-defined power profiles — balanced, high performance, and power saver – that offers the best compromises between higher performance, greater efficiency, or both. Nero TuneItUp PRO also create a unique power profile based on the hardware components on your device so that you save even more battery life without sacrificing performance.

Driver and Application Updates

By updating hardware drivers and applications regularly, you can have a faster computer without any of the bugs associated with outdated drivers and software. Nero TuneItUp PRO regularly scans your PC for all available devices and applications, and provides you with download links to the latest updates so that you can get them installed as soon as possible. The application also lets you decide exactly what you want to update and what not to, and even lets you ignore update warnings for certain applications in the future.

Additional Features

Nero TuneItUp PRO features a couple of miscellaneous options that allow you to instantly increase the performance and functionality of your PC — High Speed Mode and 1-Click Optimization. With High Speed Mode, you instantly turn your PC into a high-speed work machine by automatically disabling CPU-intensive processes to free up resources. Any applications opened after switching to High Speed Mode gets treated with the highest priority by the operating system. On the other hand, 1-Click Optimization, like the name suggest, lets you click a shortcut on the taskbar to instantly get rid of unnecessary files and optimize Windows services for maximum performance.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of system optimization features present in Nero TuneItUp PRO puts it right up there with the likes of Revo Uninstaller PRO and CCleaner Professional. Not only does the application give you the option to remove all those outdated system files for an uncluttered work environment, but it also provides you with a plethora of tools to fine-tune your computer — boost startup speeds, stabilize system registry, improve network configurations, stop unwanted Windows services, conserve power and extend battery life, etc. Combined with features such as High-Speed Mode and 1-Click Optimization, you get maximum value for money.