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While Nero AG’s applications are mostly known for their disc-burning and multimedia management capabilities, the German-based developer also introduces a PC optimization utility in the form of Nero TuneItUp PRO. Whether it’s saving disk space by deleting unwanted files, removing resource-heavy startup processes to speed up boot times, or creating recovery points as safeguards against system failure, Nero TuneItUp PRO gives you the tools required to do the job.


Each time that you open Nero TuneItUp PRO, the application searches your computer for issues that slows down your computer, such as outdated hardware drivers, invalid registry entries, unwanted startup programs, etc., and instantly notifies you of any basic or advanced issues that need attention; just click the “Show & Fix” buttons under Basic or Advanced to start resolving issues. A separate section within the Home screen displays general information regarding the operating system, processor, motherboard, and graphics card, while a couple of digital meters let you check the CPU temperature and workload at any given moment.

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Basic Optimization

Nero TuneItUp PRO’s basic optimization options are focused on deleting unnecessary files and programs, removing outdated browser caches, and fixing invalid registry entries.

Delete Unnecessary Files – Since the operating system often fails to delete the various temporary files that it creates, overtime, these files can accumulate and take up a significant amount of disk space. You can either let Nero TuneItUp PRO take care of these files, or choose to manually delete flagged items such as crash logs, recycle bin items, update downloads, etc.

Clear Browsing Data – Outdated items in your browser’s Web cache can prevent certain websites from loading properly. You can choose to either instantly remove the caches of all installed browsers, or manually to delete specific items such as cookies, form information, download history, etc.

Clean Up Registry – Uninstalled programs leave behind a lot of broken and invalid registry entries that can result in severe performance issues and system malfunctions. Nero TuneItUp PRO features the ability to clean up the system registry and improve the stability of the operating system.

Remove Programs – Unnecessary programs — bloatware, spyware, and adware — take up valuable system resources and clog up the system registry. Nero TuneItUp PRO features an advanced program removal wizard that can remove unwanted programs without leaving behind redundant files, folders, or registry entries.

Multimedia Data Manager – Duplicate photos, videos, and music takes up valuable disk space. Nero TuneItUp PRO’s Multimedia Data Manager intelligently scans for duplicate content, where you can choose to either delete or keep them. You can even specify file size parameters and storage locations when scanning for duplicate files.

Advanced Optimization

Nero TuneItUp PRO’s Advanced optimization options are focused on increasing computer performance, tuning network settings, and saving power (for laptops).

Boost Startup Speed – Multiple startup items can take a heavy toll on system resources and cause heavy delays during computer startup. Nero TuneItUp PRO lets you boost the operating system’s boot times by disabling unnecessary or optional startup items.

Increase Internet Speed – Nero TuneItUp PRO gives you the ability to increase DSL and cable broadband Internet speeds by tuning network settings for best connectivity, where you can either have optimized settings for all applications in general, or specifically tweaked individual settings for Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Optimize Windows Services – Windows operating systems use numerous background services to manage the various aspects of your computer. Since certain services use a huge amount of system resources, you can let Nero TuneItUp PRO deactivate (unimportant services) or tune them for best system performance.

Save Power – Nero TuneItUp PRO provides you with several power management profiles for laptops, where you get to choose between plans based on high system performance or reduced power consumption.

Prevent File Recovery – In cases where you want to sell your computer or laptop without worrying about privacy breaches, you have the option to permanently delete files from hard drives and prevent file recovery applications from detecting them.

Update Drivers – Since running the latest device drivers on your computer has a huge impact on system performance, Nero TuneItUp doubles up as a device driver update manager, where it periodically scans your computer for outdated device drivers and provides you with ways to update them.

Update Programs – The latest program updates fix known bugs, add new features, and bring in various optimizations that result in faster computer performance. Nero TuneItUp conveniently checks for newer versions of all programs running on your computer, where you can choose to either apply updates or keep on using existing versions.

Additional Features

Nero TuneItUp PRO features a High-Speed Mode, which when turned on, automatically disables certain background services and operating system settings, thereby creating an environment where you can use the freed-up system resources to run resource-heavy applications smoothly and efficiently. Also, the application provides you with instant access to Windows’ System Restore wizard, where you can create recovery points before tweaking the advanced optimization options that the application has on offer. Further, you get a feature called 1-Click Optimization that automatically deletes unnecessary files, boosts startup speeds, and optimizes Windows services.

Should I Get Nero TuneItUp PRO?

Both the basic and advanced optimization options featured in Nero TuneItUp PRO — whether it’s optimizing Windows services, updating device drivers, or increasing Internet speed — directly impacts the overall efficiency of your computer. Nero TuneItUp PRO’s uncanny ability to detect persistent issues related to operating system performance and functionality, and the level of manual control that it gives you over all optimization areas, makes it a versatile and exciting PC optimization utility to have on your computer.

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