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Although advertised as “the Geek” when it comes to ripping and converting media, Nero Recode 2017’s user friendly features are anything but complex. Whether it’s ripping DVDs or Blu-ray discs for backup purposes, converting videos for playback on mobile devices, or compressing video files to cut down on storage space, Nero Recode 2017 gives you the tools to easily accomplish your media conversion requirements. With access to numerous conversion profiles and quality settings while simultaneously giving end-users full control over all aspects of encoding, Nero Recode 2017 calls out to both advanced and novice users alike.


Bringing in simplicity to the table, Nero Recode 2017 lets you either drag-and-drop any video or audio files that you want to convert straight into the Home screen, or use the options present under the Recode Discs and Convert Media Files sections to import items off optical discs, local storage devices, or online streaming services. Projects awaiting completion are also queued on the Home screen, where you can either re-edit project settings or proceed with encoding the files.


Importing Files

When it comes to ripping or converting your DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or AVCHD files, Nero Recode 2017 lets you either import entire discs, or videos from select folders. The application also supports a range of video file formats that you can import off local storage devices, which includes, but are not limited to, MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, AVI, 3GP, and FLV files. Further, you can opt to import videos from streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo while playing them on Microsoft’s native Internet Explorer Web browser. Since Nero Recode’s not limited to just converting videos, you can also choose to import a range of audio formats such as MP3, AC3, WAV, and FLAC for conversion.

Converting Files

After importing your video and audio files, you are taken to the file conversion screen, which lists imported items along with information such as video/audio duration, file size, codec type, resolution, etc. For your convenience, Nero Recode 2017 also includes a comparison table where you get to preview file sizes, codecs, and resolutions of output formats. Audio, video, and subtitle tracks included within videos are also shown, where you can opt to exclude certain tracks from being exported to cut down on file size.

Nero Recode 2017 even includes a few basic video editing tools, where you can crop frame sizes, trim unwanted sequences, and rotate videos. If you find the editing tools lacking in functionality, you can opt to send the files to Nero Video — if you have the application installed on your PC — where you can perform advanced editing operations and send them back to Nero Recode 2017.

The conversion screen features a Global Output Settings panel that displays all available conversion settings, where you can manually select between supported audio or video output formats, or use the various built-in conversion profiles for tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and audio players; the current version also features profiles for the latest iOS and Android devices. Further, you can opt to manually override the default profile settings and select between different codecs, encoding methods, aspect ratios, resolutions, frame rate, etc.

Nero Recode 2017 also lets you determine the quality of the file, where you can choose between Smallest Size, Recommended Settings, and Best Quality; Smallest Size reduces quality to accommodate for low file sizes, Best Quality increases bitrate but can result in huge file sizes, while Recommended Settings provides a good balance of both quality and file size. Also included are maximum size settings, such as Dual Layer DVD (8.5 GB), DVD (4.5), 4 GB (FAT32), 2GB, etc., which you can choose to fit videos onto select storage devices.

Exporting Files

Nero Recode 2017 lets you export converted files to your local hard drive, memory sticks, mobile devices, and even to online storage services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Nero BackItUp, etc. In addition, the application also lets you burn items to disc; simply set the output destination to your optical drive, and Nero Recode automatically burns the data to disc. If you imported videos from DVDs and Blu-ray discs with folder structures intact, you can choose to burn them back for compatibility with DVD/Blu-ray devices.


Nero Recode 2017’s simplicity combined with the ability to seamlessly import, recode, and export media make this the ideal media conversion utility to have, especially if you have various devices with different file format requirements. While available in standalone format, Nero Recode 2017 is also included in Nero’s Classic and Platinum multimedia suites. The standalone release also comes with Nero Disc-to-Device, an application that lets you easily rip CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs directly to smartphones, tablets, and online storage services. Further, you get access to Nero BackItUp, a subscription-based backup service that you can use to back up multimedia content online.

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