Nero 2016 Platinum Review

Latest Nero 2016 Platinum Review.

As Nero’s flagship multimedia suite, Nero 2016 Platinum combines up to ten unique applications into one neat package. Whether it’s managing, playing, or streaming media, editing videos or converting files to alternate formats, burning content to CDs, DVDs, and BDs, or backing up important files online, Nero 2016 Platinum lets you do just that with access to some of the most popular Nero applications available today. Compared to Nero’s alternate multimedia suite — Nero 2016 Classic — you get access to a whole lot more features such as support for UltraHD 4K videos, hundreds of professional-grade special effects, numerous menus and themes for disc-authoring, and much more.

Burning Files

Nero 2016 Platinum includes one of the German-based software giant’s biggest achievements — Nero Burning ROM. Featuring the ability to burn optical discs in any format that you require — Audio CD, Mixed Mode CD, DVD-ROM (UDF), DVD-ROM (Boot), BDMV-Video, AVCHD™-Video, etc., just to name a few — Nero Burning ROM accomplishes what most other disc-burners lack. The application also provides a range of additional options that you can use to determine exactly how you want to burn your discs — spread files over discs, determine write speeds, adjust cache size, auto-run specific files, surface scan discs for errors, password-protect data, etc.

nero 2016 platinum review

Further, Nero 2016 Platinum includes three additional complimentary applications — Nero Express, Nero Disc to Device, and Nero CoverDesigner. With Nero Express, you can accomplish most of the tasks present in Nero Burning ROM, but by skipping all the compilation properties and various other options that you have to go through. Nero Disc to Device, on the other hand, lets you rip content from discs — videos and music — directly to mobiles devices and cloud storage services. Finally, Nero CoverDesigner gives you the option to create terrific looking disc covers for your CDs, DVDs, and BDs using numerous highly customizable design templates.

Editing Videos

By including Nero Video within its software package, Nero 2016 Platinum gives you access to a plethora of professional-grade video editing capabilities. Featuring two separate editing modes — Express and Advanced — both novice and advanced users alike can easily cut, crop, and splice videos. The inclusion of numerous visual and audio effects, backgrounds, and transitions allow you to edit your videos exactly how you want them to look. While you can grab Nero Video in standalone format or via the Classic multimedia suite, the Platinum version entitles you to hundreds of professional-grade visual effects that can further enhance the quality of your videos.

Converting Media

When it comes down to making your video and audio files work across devices, Nero 2016 Platinum gives you access to numerous conversion capabilities via Nero Recode. With the ability to import and export both video and audio files in any format, Nero Recode helps you remove those cross-platform compatibility issues that plague devices. Using the numerous built-in conversion profiles for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices, you can immediately start converting your multimedia content to device specific formats. Not just that, but you can manually determine the quality settings of each and every video that you edit, where you can upscale content to increase visual quality, or downscale content to reduce file sizes.

Managing Content

Nero 2016 Platinum doesn’t leave you behind with just its file burning, media conversion, and video editing capabilities. By giving you access to Nero MediaHome, you now have the option to manage, play, and view your videos, music, and photos all in one place. By actively crawling all storage devices for multimedia content, Nero MediaHome clearly lists your videos and photos by timeline, location, and person (using facial recognition), while all audio tracks are clearly sorted by artist, album, and genre. Due to the numerous media codecs built-into the application, you can play your videos and music without having to use alternate media players, and view your photos all in one place — the application also features the ability to edit and enhance the quality of your photos.

nero 2016 platinum

Backing Up Content

By giving you access to Nero BackItUp, Nero 2016 Platinum lets you back up all your important files and media content to the cloud. In addition to the free five gigabytes of storage space that you get with your purchase of Nero 2016 Platinum, you can also pay for additional storage if you want to back up even more files. Nero BackItUp is also integrated into Nero MediaHome, which allows you to conveniently drag and drop your favorite media files for instant online backup. Not just that, but you also receive access to Nero RescueAgent, where you can use its Fast Scan and Deep Scan modes to recover severely corrupted content from hard drives, flash drives, and optical discs.

Additional Applications

Additionally, you receive access to Nero MediaBrowser, which serves as an important tool when you want to flip through your media library in a hurry. You can also use the application to drag and drop content to other applications, where its small user interface lets you conveniently go about your job without obstructing your view. Nero 2016 Platinum also entitles you to a free license of the stashimi Music Recorder — while not an application created by Nero, the stashimi Music Recorder gives you the ability to browse the Internet and download almost any video or audio track that you are looking for.

Should I Get It?

By giving you access to some of the best applications that Nero has on offer, Nero 2016 Platinum builds upon its reputation as a top-tier multimedia management utility. Whether it’s burning files in various formats, editing videos to enhance video quality, converting files for compatibility across devices, playing and managing all sort of media content, or backing up your files to the cloud, Nero 2016 Platinum lets you do just that. Further, the amount of content unique to the Platinum suite — 4K video support, additional special effects, user menus, templates, and the stashimi Music Recorder — make Nero 2016 Platinum well worth the price of admission.