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Over the years, Nero’s basic disc-burning utility evolved into a full-fledged suite of applications that now cover everything related to multimedia. From managing and playing movies and music, to editing, converting and burning high-definition videos, Nero’s Platinum multimedia suite allows you to perform a variety of complex tasks. Nero 2017 Platinum brings to the table various improvements over earlier versions along with some new and exciting additions.

User Interface      

Nero 2017 Platinum’s launcher presents a simplified user interface where all available Nero applications are listed according to type under separate sections. Unique to the version, you now have the option of customizing the background of the launcher screen with a variety of built-in colors. Another useful addition is the inclusion of video tutorials that serve as a convenient method to familiarize yourself with the functions of each application.


Manage & Play

Under the Manage & Play section, you get Nero MediaHome and Nero MediaBrowser. You can view photos, watch videos, and play music using Nero MediaHome, which automatically indexes all multimedia content on your storage devices according to date, format, and location. On the other hand, Nero MediaBrowser displays all photos, videos, and music in one place so that you can manage or move them to applications such as iTunes for instant syncing. Both applications provide the convenience of giving you access to your multimedia content without the hassle of having to wade through miscellaneous files and folders.

Edit & Convert

All video-related Nero applications are listed under the Edit & Convert section. Nero Video lets you import AVCHD and other video formats (up to 4K video resolution), where you can cut, crop and splice videos in the default Express mode, or add multiple video/audio tracks and effects via Advanced Mode. Exported videos can be saved to local storage, transferred to online backup, or burnt to disc. The current version also supports dual-monitor setups, where you can simultaneously preview videos on your secondary screen while editing them.

Nero Recode, on the other hand, allows you to rip DVDs and Blu-ray discs — with or without structures intact — to your PC. Further, you can convert ripped content and other video files to various mobile and PC-compatible formats, and even upscale and downscale them between HD (includes support for 4K) and SD formats.

Rip & Burn

The Rip & Burn section contains some of Nero’s most popular applications. Nero Burning ROM provides you with a multitude of disc-burning options, where you can burn data and media in various disc formats, create auto-start discs, or use SecurDisc technology to protect data. Alternately, you can use Nero Express to perform most of the disc-burning functions in Nero Burning ROM but without much of the complexities involved.

Another application listed is Nero Disc to Device, which as the name implies, lets you rip and transfer content directly to connected Android devices, iTunes, or to cloud-based storage services such as OneDrive and Google Drive. Also included is Nero’s proprietary disc-labeling application in the form of Nero CoverDesigner, where you can create and print disc cover labels using various built-in designs and custom templates.

Backup & Rescue

The Backup & Rescue section gives you access to Nero BackItUp, a cloud-based service that lets you back up all of your photos, videos, music, and other files with no restrictions on size and format. While you’ll run out of the free 5GB of storage space in no time, you can get additional storage space by subscribing to Nero’s PRO backup plan. When it comes to recovering corrupted or deleted files from discs and hard drives, Nero Rescue Agent provides you with a fast scan mode for instant recovery of files, and a deep scan mode that recovers severely corrupted items.


The new Extras section in Nero 2017 Platinum gives you access to the Stashimi Music Recorder. Not to be confused with some sort of Japanese culinary dish, the Stashimi Music Recorder lets you search for music and videos from over 100,000 radio stations and streaming services, which it then downloads to your PC automatically. Also taking multimedia playback to a whole new level, you can now download the Nero Streaming Mobile app for Android and iOS devices from Google Play or the App Store. This app allows you to remotely operate Nero applications on your PC and stream content to smart TVs when all devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Nero 2017 Platinum gives you a huge advantage over the competition due to the sheer amount of applications and functionality included within the package. Comprehensive support for Ultra HD (4K), dozens of unique video and audio effects, and extra features such as the Stashimi Music Recorder make it the ultimate multimedia management suite.

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