Nero MediaHome 2016 Review

Latest Nero MediaHome Review.

While known mostly for its disc-burning solutions, German-based software giant Nero hasn’t given up on capturing the multimedia management market. Thanks to Nero MediaHome 2016, it might as well have. With the ability to intelligently index content by file type, play all kinds of audio and video formats, view and edit photographs, and stream content to other devices, Nero MediaHome 2016 serves as the ideal package for all your multimedia management requirements.

Indexing Content

Nero MediaHome 2016 actively crawls all storage devices for multimedia content — videos, music, and photos — and lists detected items by category. Under the Photos & Videos side-tab, you can find all detected photos and videos under three different criteria — Timeline, Faces, and Places. Under Timeline, the application displays all videos and photos according to the time that they were taken, while Faces uses Nero’s advanced Face Recognition feature to list photos by person. Places, on the other hand, uses camera geo tags to separate your video and photo library by location. Any music tracks that are detected gets listed under the Music side-tab, where you can find everything sorted by album, artist, genre, and title.

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Playing Videos and Music

In addition to indexing content, Nero MediaHome 2016 also doubles-up as a media player — unlike older versions of the application, Nero MediaHome 2016 comes built-in with all video codecs that lets you play your favorite media files regardless of format. In addition, you can watch your DVDs and Blu-ray (requires Nero 3D Blu-ray installed) movies from right within Nero MediaHome 2016. When it comes to playing music, you can play entire audio CDs, individual audio tracks, or playlists imported from Windows Media Player and iTunes — Nero MediaHome 2016 also lets you create your own custom playlists from the items listed within your music library.

Opening and Editing Photos

All types of image formats are also supported, where you can preview them or view them in full-screen mode with no issues. In addition, Nero MediaHome 2016 gives you the option to add your favorite photos and combine them with various themes, titles, and music for magnificent looking slideshows — created slideshows can be saved in various video formats for playback on any device. In addition, you can also use a range of photo editing tools to adjust and enhance your favorite photographs. With multiple enhancing tools (Auto Enhance, Straighten, Red Eye Removal, etc.), adjusting tools (Backlight, Color Temperature, Saturation, etc.) and visual effects (Sepia, Blur, Sharpen, Frames, etc.) you can instantly make your photos look better than ever.

Streaming Content

While you can play your favorite videos and music from right within Nero MediaHome 2016, the application also features the ability to stream content to mobile devices. With the Nero Streaming Player app, you can remotely access your media library from right within your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the app also features the ability to further stream content to smart TVs, UltraHD TVs, and video game consoles, given that all devices use the same Wi-Fi network. All streamed content gets automatically transcoded during playback so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues across devices.

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Burning to Disc

Nero MediaHome also doubles up as a disc-burner that can be used to burn audio CDs, video DVDs/Blu-ray discs, and data discs. While the features present aren’t comparable to what you get from dedicated disc-burners such as Nero Burning ROM, it’s still provides enough functionality to get the job done. If you have Nero Video installed, you can send content directly from Nero MediaHome for advanced disc-authoring purposes. The application also features the ability to copy discs, either by copying them first to your hard drive, or by using on-the-fly disc burning.

Access to Nero MediaBrowser

When it comes to working on other projects in different applications, you can make use of a separate applet called Nero MediaBrowser to instantly drag and drop content. With a simple user interface — akin to that of a smartphone — you can easily find your videos, photos, and music just like you would on Nero MediaHome. Due to the smaller user interface, you can keep it opened over other applications without having your view obstructed. Any changes that you do to your media library on Nero MediaHome will be instantly visible on Nero MediaBrowser.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of multimedia management features that comes with Nero MediaHome is simply jaw-dropping. With the ability to index, play, edit, burn, and stream content, Nero MediaHome provides everything that you could possibly ever ask for. Combined with its massive support for all types of video and music file formats, you won’t ever feel the need to switch to alternate media players. While you can have Nero MediaHome in standalone format, you can also grab it as part of the Nero Classic and Platinum multimedia suites, and get access to even more multimedia management options — Nero Video for disc-authoring, Nero Recode for file conversion, and Nero Burning ROM for advanced