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Advertised by Nero as “the manager” for multimedia content, Nero MediaHome 2016 lets you perform various tasks with your media library. Whether it’s organizing photographs, playing music, or burning discs, Nero MediaHome 2016 gives you the tools required to do the job. Acting as a centralized hub for all types of media, Nero MediaHome 2016 brings in convenience by removing both the hassle of having to manually search for content and using different applications for each media format.


When you open Nero MediaHome 2016 for the first time, the application immediately starts scanning and indexing your storage devices for photos, videos, and music. Nero MediaHome 2016 then separates content by type, where you can use the Photos & Videos and Music side-tabs to switch between content. Additional tabs include Slide Shows where you can use your media library to create custom slide shows, and Online Storage that displays any multimedia content stored in the cloud via Nero BackItUp.

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Nero MediaHome 2016 has several features that helps you further categorize your media library. When it comes to photos and videos, you get to view them in timeline format, where you can easily find items by date, month and year, or in location format, where items are listed by location according to camera or user-generated geotags. You also get to categorize your library of photos using Nero’s Face Recognition function, where items are automatically scanned for facial similarities and listed by person. On the music side of things, all available audio tracks are automatically categorized by album, artist, genre, and title, which makes it easy to find specific audio tracks.

Accessing Media

Nero MediaHome 2016 doesn’t just list your media library, but also doubles up as a media player and photo viewer. Like any other media player, Nero MediaHome 2016 supports playback of DVDs and Blu-ray discs. The application also lets you play standard file formats such as AVI, WMV, MP4, and MKV, where video resolutions of up to 4K (Ultra HD) are supported. Audio-wise, Nero MediaHome 2016 lets you play individual tracks and entire playlists, while also allowing you to create custom playlists using your music library. The application even lets you import playlists created on iTunes and Windows Media Player. When it comes to photos, you can open up your JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs right from within the application, where you can create custom albums or use a range of photo editing tools to modify and enhance image quality.

Burning Discs

Managing media just isn’t complete if you can’t burn your music and videos onto optical storage. Nero MediaHome 2016 lets you do just that where you can burn audio tracks for compatibility on CD players, or MP3 files for playback on MP3 supported devices. Videos can be burned for playback on DVD and Blu-ray players, where disc structures are automatically created so that you can simply add the required files in compliant formats; VOB, M2TS, etc. Also present are options where you can create data discs for backup purposes, and the ability to create multiple copies of CDs and DVDs.

Transferring and Backing Up Media

If your need to transfer your entire media library to another PC with any modifications that you have made intact, Nero MediaHome 2016 provides a nifty tool in the form of Nero Copy & Paste wizard, where you can instantly copy your media library onto an external storage device. You can then use the Nero Copy & Paste wizard on your new computer to copy back your media library. This tool also doubles up as a backup utility, where you can copy all of your photos, music, and videos onto separate partitions or external storage devices.

Nero Streaming Player Mobile App

Nero MediaHome 2016 features a companion mobile app in the form of Nero Streaming Player. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the Nero Streaming Player app lets you have remote access to your media library on your PC via Nero MediaHome. You can view your photos, listen to music, and watch videos right on your tablet and smartphone, or you can opt to stream content directly to smart TVs and UHD TVs provided that all devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Compatibility-wise, Nero MediaHome 2016 performs automatic transcoding of content according to the type of device that you are streaming to.


The host of media management features that Nero MediaHome 2016 comes with, whether it’s playing videos and music, burning audio and video discs, organizing and editing photographs, or streaming content to various devices, makes it the ideal all-in-one media application to have on your computer. Nero MediaHome 2016 is available as a standalone release or as part of Nero’s Classic and Platinum multimedia suites. The standalone, Classic, and Platinum releases of Nero MediaHome 2016 provide the same amount of features, but with the exception of 4K video support on the Classic version.

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