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Although advertised as the cheaper alternative to Nero’s flagship Platinum multimedia suite, Nero 2017 Classic still gives you access to nearly all of the multimedia management applications present in the Platinum version. Whether it’s playing, organizing or streaming music, editing, converting or authoring videos, or burning data to various disc formats, Nero 2017 Classic lets you do it. The multimedia suite brings in a revamped user interface and updated versions of all available applications.

Launcher Screen

Nero 2017 Classic bundles in a range of applications that are accessible via the Nero 2017 launcher, where applications are separated into labeled sections based on functionality; Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express under Rip & Burn, Nero Video and Nero Recode under Edit & Convert, etc. Nero has now made the launcher fully scalable, meaning that you can now adjust the default full-screen launcher to almost any size that you see fit. In addition, each application now has its own set of video tutorials that you can play right from the launcher screen itself.

Playing and Organizing Media – Nero MediaHome and Nero MediaBrowser

In addition to playing all sorts of video and audio file formats (with the exception of Ultra-HD 4K videos), Nero MediaHome automatically categorizes all of your photographs and videos by time, location, and person (using facial recognition), while audio tracks are listed according to album, artist, and genre. Further, the application has the ability to rip and burn audio CDs, create and import playlists, and edit photos. Nero MediaHome also provides streaming support via the Nero Streaming Player mobile app for Android and iOS, where you can use a smartphone or tablet to remotely access your media library and stream content to smart TVs and video gaming consoles. On the other hand, Nero MediaBrowser lets you view your entire media library via a simplified user interface, where you can easily drag-and-drop videos, music, and photos when working on projects in other applications.

Editing and Converting Videos – Nero Video and Nero Recode

With built-in support for a range of video file formats, Nero Video lets you edit videos either in the faster Express mode, where you can focus on basic tasks such as cutting, cropping and splicing, or the feature-packed Advanced mode, where you can add and edit multiple audio and video tracks, insert numerous visual and audio effects, add commentaries, etc. Edited videos can be exported to various high-definition and sub-definition file formats, or burned to DVDs and Blu-ray discs using the video authoring tools built into the application.

Nero Recode mainly focuses on file conversion, where you can import videos in almost any format and convert them to other formats based on device; just select your device from Nero Recode’s long list of supported devices and the application automatically converts videos to the appropriate format. In addition, Nero Recode features the ability to rip videos off DVDs and Blu-ray discs — just the video files present or discs in their entirety — and convert them to other formats. Due to limitations set in Nero 2017 Classic, however, both Nero Video and Nero Recode doesn’t let you edit or convert Ultra-HD 4K video files.

Burning Media – Nero Burning ROM, Nero Express, Nero Disc-to-Device, Nero CoverDesigner

As one of the most popular disc-burning applications currently available, Nero Burning ROM lets you perform all of your disc-burning requirements, such as creating audio CDs for compatibility with CD players, burning DVDs and Blu-ray discs for playback on DVD/Blu-ray compatible devices, backing up data to discs for storage purposes, etc. Also included is the ability to secure discs both physically and digitally using SecurDisc technology, spread large files over multiple discs using DiscSpan functionality, create bootable CDs and DVDs out of disc images, etc. Nero Express, on the other hand, provides most of the basic disc-burning capabilities present in Nero Burning ROM, but in a much simplified format.

Nero Disc-to-Device doesn’t provide much functionality apart from its simple approach to ripping content from discs directly to mobile devices and cloud-based storage services, where ripping stuff is as easy as inserting a disc and specifying a destination. When it comes to creating high-quality disc covers and labels for your burned discs, you have the option of using Nero CoverDesigner, where you get numerous CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc templates that you can further customize via the drawing tools built into the application.

Backing Up and Recovering Data – Nero BackItUp and Nero RescueAgent

Nero 2017 Classic also features Nero’s very own subscription-based storage service in the form of Nero BackItUp, where you can back up your media library to the cloud with no restrictions on file format. Nero BackItUp is also integrated to work with Nero MediaHome, where you can back up and access multimedia content directly from Nero MediaHome itself. Nero RescueAgent, on the other hand, allows you to recover data from optical discs, hard drives, and memory sticks, where you can opt to either use the default Fast Scan mode for faster detection and recovery of items, or Deep Scan mode to increase chances of data recovery.

While Nero 2017 Classic brings in a load of multimedia management features to the table, a glaring limitation is the suite’s inability to play, stream, edit, or convert Ultra-HD 4K videos. When compared to Nero 2017 Platinum, you also miss out on numerous premium visual and audio effects, and a license to the Stashimi Music Recorder (an application that lets you search for and download music online). The reduced price tag, however, makes Nero 2017 Classic the ideal multimedia suite to have if you don’t need 4K video support or the extra features present in the Platinum version.

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