Nero Burning ROM 2016 Review

Latest Nero Burning ROM Review.

As one of the most popular software applications available today, Nero Burning ROM 2016 provides an unprecedented level of support when it comes to disc-burning, featuring the ability to burn any type of optical media — CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs — in whatever format that you require. Whether it’s burning your favorite audio tracks onto a CD, using image files to create DVDs and Blu-ray discs, or securing data using Nero’s proprietary SecurDisc technology, Nero Burning ROM 2016 lets you do it.

How It Works

Each time you open Nero Burning ROM 2016, you are presented with a compilation wizard, where you get to choose exactly what you want to do — you can choose to skip the wizard and go to the main user interface if you so desire. You can, for example, choose to burn an audio CD, copy a DVD to your hard drive, or create a high-definition Blu-ray disc, and then use numerous other options to determine exactly how you want to burn the disc — spread out files over multiple discs, configure certain files to auto-run, add disc labels, determine cache size, etc.

You are then taken into the main user interface, where you can simply drag in the items that you want to burn via an integrated file explorer. While you are usually presented with a blank slate to add files and folders, disc structures are automatically created when opting to burn videos for playback on DVD and Blu-ray compatible devices. A digital meter conveniently displays the amount of space remaining on the optical storage media inserted so that you can better manage what you want to burn. Instead of burning right away, Nero Burning ROM 2016 also lets you save the current compilation as an unfinished project if you want to get back to it later.

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What You Can Burn

Nero Burning ROM 2016 lets you burn your CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs in whatever format that you desire. If you are, for example, looking to back up files, you can select between the CD (ISO), DVD (ISO), and Blu-ray (ISO) formats for that purpose, or the DVD (UDF) and Blu-ray (UDF) formats if you require compatibility across devices. When it comes to burning videos, Nero Burning ROM 2016 gives you access to the DVD-Video option, where you can create sub-definition videos for playback on standard DVD players, or the BDMV-Video and AVCHD™ Video formats for high-definition video playback on Blu-ray players and video gaming consoles.

The disc-burner also supports creating playable music CDs with its Audio CD option, going so far as to even provide a range of options that allow you to normalize audio files for better sound quality, keep or remove pauses between tracks, manage the duration of silences at the end of tracks, etc. In addition to burning CDs, Nero Burning ROM also supports ripping audio tracks directly off audio CDs. With a range of supported audio file formats — MP3, ACC, APE, OGG, etc. — you can rip content and burn them back using numerous built-in audio filters for enhanced sound quality.

When looking to create copies of discs, you can either choose to first copy the content to your hard drive and then burn it onto blank discs, or use direct copying in instances where you have access to multiple optical drives. Direct disc copying, unfortunately, isn’t supported for Blu-ray discs in Nero Burning ROM 2016, though later iterations may add this functionality. In addition, you can also choose to burn content off disc images — ISO, MDS, BIN, CUE, etc. — stored on your hard drive without first having to mount them onto virtual optical drives.

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Securing Optical Discs

Nero Burning ROM 2016 includes an additional noteworthy feature that allows you to enhance the security and durability of your optical discs. Using Nero SecurDisc technology, you can add passwords and digital signatures to prevent unauthorized access, surface scan discs to check for errors and increase durability, and use checksum verification to get notified of possible disc degradation so that you can back up your files in time — Nero Burning ROM 2016 doesn’t require any kind of special hardware to use this feature.

Designing Disc Covers

Since an excellent disc needs a great cover to go hand-in-hand, Nero Burning ROM 2016 provides you with its own solution in the form of Nero CoverDesigner. With this built-in applet, you can choose to instantly create great disc covers via dozens of highly customizable templates for CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. If you find the built-in templates lacking in design, you can choose to create your own templates using a variety of drawing tools where you can draw custom shapes, insert your own images, determine print quality, etc.

Should I Buy It?

Nero Burning ROM 2016’s ability to burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs in almost any format make it one of the best disc-burners currently available today. That, combined with its ability to rip and enhance audio tracks, increase the security and durability of burned media, and create terrific looking disc-covers, make Nero Burning ROM 2016 the ideal all-in-one package for your disc-burning requirements. While available in standalone format, you can also grab it via the Nero Platinum and Classic multimedia suites, where you get an additional disc-burner called Nero Express for instances where — like the name suggests — you want to get the job done quickly.