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When it comes to disc-burning, Nero Burning ROM 2017’s high standards for creating quality CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs puts the application at the top of its competition.

Whether it’s burning music CDs, creating boot-discs, or finalizing DVDs and Blu-ray discs, Nero Burning ROM 2017 has the tools required to do the job. As the go-to disc burning application for nearly 20 years, the latest version of Nero Burning ROM brings in various improvements over earlier iterations.


User Interface

While Nero Burning ROM 2017’s vast array of options can seem a little overwhelming at first glance, everything’s laid out in a clear and concise fashion to avoid confusion for both advanced and novice users.

Upon launch, Nero Burning ROM 2017 presents a disc compilation screen where you get to select the type of disc — CD, DVD, or Blu-ray — that you want to burn. After selecting a disc type, you must specify the media format of the disc; Audio CD, DVD-ROM (UDF), DVD-Video, BDMV-Video, etc. You are then presented with an array of compilation properties where you can further customize the disc that you are about to burn, such as opting for multisession support, splitting files into multiple discs using Nero DiscSpan, determining maximum write speed, etc.

After selecting disc type and format, you can proceed with adding the files that you need to burn to disc. For example, when burning a data disc, you can add files and folders using the File Browser on the right-side of the Nero Burning ROM window; added items are displayed to the left of the screen. When creating DVDs or Blu-ray discs for video playback, however, Nero Burning ROM automatically creates the required file structures where you can conveniently add files in compliant file formats. A meter on the bottom of the screen serves as a visual indicator that displays the amount of space left on the disc.

Supported Media Formats

Nero Burning ROM 2017 supports a range of media formats that you can use to burn your CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs in.

Since CDs are mainly used as a medium for storing music, you get the Audio CD format that makes audio tracks compatible with CD players, while the Mixed Mode CD format allows for both data and audio tracks to reside in a single session. Also available is the Extra Mode CD format that burns data and audio tracks in separate sessions.

When it comes to videos, the DVD-Video format lets you burn DVDs for compatibility with standard DVD players, while AVCHD™ Video lets you burn both DVDs and Blu-ray discs for high-definition video playback. Reserved only for Blu-ray discs is the BDMV-Video format where you can burn HD videos for compatibility on Blu-ray players.

All types of CD, DVD and BD data discs can be burned in the UDF format where files are compatible across operating systems and devices, or the ISO format if you want to create normal file backups. Also present is the option to copy CDs and DVDs by either creating an image of the original disc or using disc-to-disc direct copying in instances where you have multiple disc drives available.


For an application mostly known for just its disc burning capabilities, Nero Burning ROM 2017 provides the additional functionality of allowing you to rip tracks from audio CDs. Ripped audio tracks can be converted to other types of audio file formats such as MP3, MP3 PRO, ACC and APE. Unique to the version is the inclusion of a range of audio filters that you can use to apply automatic sound enhancements to audio tracks.

SecurDisc Technology

When it comes to protecting your data both digitally and physically, you can opt to burn discs using Nero’s SecurDisc technology. On the digital side, you can add password protection to your disc to prevent unauthorized access and a digital signature to verify disc authenticity. Physically, discs are burned for increased reliability where damaged discs have a higher chance for data recovery. Discs also perform an integrity check whenever they are inserted into an optical drive and notifies you of possible disc degradation.

Nero CoverDesigner

Nero Burning ROM 2017 doesn’t leave you behind with just your disc in hand when everything’s said and done. Included is a separate applet called Nero CoverDesigner where you can create and print labels and covers using numerous built-in designs and templates for CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, with the latest version providing an additional 25 design templates. You can even use a range of drawing tools to create your very own templates.


Nero Burning ROM 2017 is available in both Nero’s Platinum and Classic multimedia suites, and in standalone format where you get just the disc-burner along with Nero CoverDesigner. Unique to the Platinum and Classic suite versions of Nero Burning ROM 2017 is the ability to switch to Express mode, where you can burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs in a variety of media formats without worrying too much about compilation properties and other miscellaneous options; ideal for when you want to burn discs in a hurry.

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