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Nero’s reputation as the go-to disc burner over the years eventually resulted in the release of additional applications with focus on organizing, editing and converting media. Multimedia suites in the form of Nero 2021  Platinum and Nero 2021 Standard provides a range of these applications, albeit with certain differences. In addition to being included in both of Nero’s multimedia suites, popular applications such as Nero Burning ROM 2021 and Nero Video 2021 are also released in standalone format.

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Nero 2021 Platinum Suite

Branded by the German-based software company as the most complete multimedia suite it has on offer, Nero 2021 Platinum provides a host of applications that focus on nearly every aspect of multimedia management. Whether it’s playing or organizing movies and music, editing or converting videos, ripping and burning discs, or backing up and retrieving data, Nero 2021 Platinum has the tools required to do the job.

The multimedia suite features a centralized location that lists all available Nero applications at your disposal. Nero MediaHome serves as your entertainment hub, where you can play movies, listen to music, or view your photos, while Nero MediaBrowser lists all of your media for convenient browsing. When it comes to editing videos and exporting them to Blu-ray discs and DVDs, you get Nero Video (4K support included), and when you need to rip your discs and perform video format conversions, you have Nero Recode ready and waiting. Next in line is Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express for all your disc-burning requirements, Nero Disc to Device for ripping content to devices, and Nero CoverDesigner for creating and printing disc labels. If that isn’t enough, you get Nero BackItUp for backing up your files to the cloud, and Nero RescueAgent for recovering deleted or corrupted files from discs and hard drives.

Additional features include the Stashimi Music Recorder, which lets you search for and download music and videos online, and the Nero Streaming Player app for Android and iOS, which lets you stream content from your PC to other devices on the same Wi-Fi network.

Nero 2021 Standard Suite

Nero 2021 Classic, advertised as the alternative to Nero 2021 Platinum, features basically the same user interface and Nero applications as its counterpart. You do, however, lose Ultra HD (4K) support on applications such as Nero MediaHome, Nero Video and Nero Recode. Further, you miss out on a number of video effects and design templates for Nero Video, and you also lose out on the Stashimi Music Recorder.

The reduced price makes this the ideal package if you don’t plan on working with Ultra HD videos. If you already own an earlier version of Nero Classic, you can upgrade to the current version.

Nero Burning ROM 2021

Advertised as “the standard” for burning data, Nero’s extremely popular disc-burner receives a standalone release in the form of Nero Burning ROM 2021 . This application lets you perform nearly all of your disc burning requirements, which includes support for burning in various disc-formats, creating boot discs and auto-start discs, etc. You also get the option to burn discs using Nero’s SecurDisc technology, which provides increased protection against scratches and other physical damages. Not limited to just burning stuff up, Nero Burning ROM 2021 also has the ability to convert audio CDs to various formats while also providing automatic sound enhancements to audio tracks.

If you don’t plan on using the various applications in Nero’s Platinum and Classic suites, opting for just the standalone version of Nero Burning ROM makes sense.

Nero Video 2021

Also available in a standalone version is Nero Video 2021 . Similar to the version included within Nero’s Platinum suite, the standalone version also provides full support for Ultra HD videos. Among Nero Video 2021 ‘s editing features is the ability to cut, crop and splice videos, add various audio and video effects, and include additional audio, video and subtitle tracks. Also included is the ability to work on dual-monitor setups, where you can preview your work on a secondary monitor while editing videos. Exported videos can be authored for Blu-ray and DVD structures, burnt to discs, or sent to offline or cloud-based storage.

As with Nero Burning ROM 2021 , it’s ideal to opt for the standalone version if you don’t intend on using the other applications included with Nero’s Platinum and Classic suites. Since the application also has the ability to burn exported videos to disc, you don’t have to worry about missing out on Nero Burning ROM either.